Where established experts in policy, technology, activism, education, sociology, and behavior will join forces with new grassroots groups to focus and amplify our activism strategies

Arlie Russell Hochschild, Professor UC Berkeley, Author of Strangers in Their Own Land

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (kos), Founder/Publisher, DailyKos

Abdi Soltani, Executive Director, ACLU of Northern California

Nicole Neditch, Senior Director of Community Engagement, Code for America

Keynote Speakers

Program Overview


Grassroots activism is currently experiencing an explosive resurgence. Millions of Americans now view themselves as activists.

This is a gift.

Now we must harness and direct this immense energy, and turn this moment into a movement. To have a lasting impact, our activism needs to be less reactive and more strategic, historically grounded, inclusive, and sustainable.


The Strategic Activism Wonkathon will convene and foster collaboration between wonks/experts in policy, social justice, activism, education, psychology, media, and technology with new grassroots groups. The focus of our first event will be:

- 2018 elections candidate cultivation;

- 2018 elections voter cultivation; and

- Immigration justice.


We will examine the current strategies in our "activism toolkit" and rely on experts and activists with decades of experience to make them even sharper and more impactful. We will wonk out on: member of Congress influence; voter education and access; election volunteering and engagement; candidate nurturing, and corporate activism and divestment strategy.

In this first Wonkathon, we will discuss how best to apply these tools to elections (the long game) and immigration policy (the now game). In future Wonkathons we will keep an eye on 2018 but address "the now game" by picking a different policy area.

Participating Organizations: Indivisible, Swing Left, Sister District Project, Flippable, Tech Stands Up, The Resurgent Left, Kapor Center for Social Impact, It Starts Today, Solidarity Sundays, Full Court Press Communications, and Techs and Balances

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