Week 5/28 Action 2: #HandsOff Public Education

Trump is often compared to a child, which is incredibly disrespectful - to children, that is. Trump’s full proposed FY18 budget, released on Tuesday, cuts 9.2 billion from public education slashing higher education student aid, Medicaid, after-school support for deserving students, special education, and teacher training.

The budget cuts the legs out from many important programs but in particular those that held the nation’s most vulnerable, to fund tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, sheesh. While there’s little chance the budget as a whole will pass in this form, there is a risk that some parts of it will.

Do you have or know a child in public school? Then you need to let your Members know they need to keep their #HandsOff our public education.
Here’s how:
1. Call your three Members of Congress.* Find their information by going to our new site and logging in if your not already. Here’s a script for when you call. (5-10 minutes)

2. Personal stories move policy. Share your story of how public education has helped you or a child you know. Or tweet your story using #HandsOffEducation and #WallofUs hashtags. (5-15 minutes)

*You should have all your MoC info in your Wall-of-Us profile, but there are a ton of other resources and tools popping up for contacting your MoC. If you are curious, check them out.