Week 5/28 Action 1: Stop Trump(Don’t)Care

This week the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office summed up how devastating the House Republicans healthcare bill - i.e. TrumpDon’tCare - would be. Within a few years, about one-sixth of all Americans could be at risk of not being able to afford health insurance if they have pre-existing conditions and don’t have health insurance through an employer or the government. The rub for Republicans -- most of these Americans reside in red states.

TrumpDon’tCare also cuts Medicaid - the program for low-income Americans that Trump promised on the campaign trail he wouldn’t cut - by a shocking $839 billion. To pour a mountain of salt on wounded Americans, the recent budget that Trump released includes an additional $610 billion cut to Medicaid. 

All-of-us must turn out this week to urge our leaders to vote against TrumpDon’tCare -- and for all Americans. Here’s how:

1. Call your governor. Find their contact information and a script for the call on our new site. Why? Many governors are putting pressure on their senators to stop the Republicans from defunding Medicaid and dismantling the ACA. All states matter, but these six states have a Democrat governor and at least one Republican senator: Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. (5-10 minutes)

2. Call your senator to demand that they do not allow this bill to pass. Find their contact information on our new site. The states below are extra key because your senators are on the (sausage-fest) committee advising Mitch McConnell on the Senate’s health care plan. (5-10 minutes)

  • Arkansas - Tom Cotton
  • Colorado - Cory Gardner
  • Kentucky - Mitch McConnell 
  • Ohio - Rob Portman
  • Pennsylvania - Patrick Toomey 
  • South Dakota - John Thune 
  • Tennessee – Lamar Alexander
  • Texas – Ted Cruz and John Cornyn
  • Utah – Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee
  • Wyoming – Mike Enzi, John Barrasso