Week 3/6 Action 1: Demand that Jeff Sessions Resign

We have the fishiest administration in history. The good news is that it is becoming harder and harder to mask the stench. First the National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn resigned because of ties to Russia. Last week we learned that Jeff (“nobody is above the law”) Sessions also lied about his communications with Russia during his confirmation hearings. Jeff Sessions is our Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer and chief lawyer of the US government. The idea that lying while under oath doesn’t make him unfit for that role is so laughable that we wrote a limerick about it:

There once was an AG named Sessions
He first lied but was forced to make confessions
About dealings with Russia
Trump was trying to keep husha
Jeff isn’t fit for the legal profession
— Wall-of-Us

Remember the Benghazi-triple-nothing-burgers the Republicans fed us?! Well, their pick for Attorney General lied while under Oath. It is not enough that Sessions has recused himself from investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. There are plenty of honest Attorney Generals in the sea for Lady Justice. All-of-us must make sure that Sessions resign.

Here’s how:

1. Call your Members of Congress. We are collaborating with our friends at Indivisible and recommend that you use this script. You can also check out this tool to see where your Members of Congress stand (although it isn’t the easiest to navigate, it is the only resource for this information right now).