Week 3/19 Action 2: Convince Your City to Join the Wall-of-Us by Divesting in Trump’s Wall

Cities around the country are beginning to divest from Trump’s proposed border wall. The Trump administration wants $1.5 billion this year, and 2.6 billion next year for the stupid wall. What he doesn’t know (yet) is that the only wall he will get is a wall-of-us

That’s why all-of-us must “go local” and convince our cities to divest from Trump’s wall. Last week Berkeley was the first city to pass a resolution that prevents it from investing in companies that support the wall. We know, we know, that’s Berkeley. But remember, fires start with sparks, and similar proposals are being considered in other cities and states, including Illinois and New York. In Illinois for example, there is proposed legislation that would require divestment of the state’s pension funds from companies that work on the border wall. Representative Guzzardi who introduced the legislation stated

We’re not going to invest in infrastructure that’s divisive, ... That sends a message of hate. We’re gonna invest in the infrastructure that will lift up the people of this state and of every state in this country. That’s what Illinois believes in.

That is what all-of-us believe in too and why we must ask our cities not to use our taxpayer dollars on funding hate.

Here's how:

1. Look up your list of elected officials (including local officials). (2 minutes).

2. Read Berkeley’s resolution (it’s only 2 pages). (3 minutes)

3. Call your local city council’s general number and ask them if they prefer calls or emails from constituents on specific issues (all cities are different). Also ask how you can participate in the legislative process by adding agenda items to city council meetings. Use this script. (15 minutes if you call or email, several hours if you attend the City Council Meeting).

*Remember that you can also use Voterheads to get notified about local meetings. You can use the “free” option to find the date, time, location, and agenda of local city meetings.