Week 2/5 Action 2: Ask Trump’s Economic Advisors to Stand up Against the Muslim Ban

Never underestimate the power you have as a consumer--divestments and boycotts have always fueled resistance movements. That’s why Wall-of-Us has teamed up with AdStrike. This week we have created a targeted social media and email campaign directed at the members of Trump’s Business Advisory Council. 

This strategy is working already. In response to pressure by consumers (#DeleteUber), Uber CEO Travis Kalanik stepped down from the advisory council and made a firm statement against the Muslim Ban. Sleeping Giants reports that Uber has also removed its ads from Breitbart. 

The other 18 CEOs remain on the council and only 2 of them have spoken up. These CEOs may want to stay silent so they can make “a deal with The Donald.” But that's a risky bargain. We must show them that if they don’t speak up against the Muslim Ban, they will face a Wall-of-Us. 

Here’s how:

1. Go to the special Wall-of-Us + AdStrike page where you will find easy-to-send emails and Tweets. Just click the icons. Let these CEOs know that all-of-us want them to make a public statement against the Muslim Ban.* If the email templates aren't working for you, please see the email addresses here

Expert Tip: If you sign up for AdStrike, sync your social media account, and select wall-of-us in your "campaign settings," AdStrike will auto-post up to four tweets/shares every day for you! Now that's efficient activism.

*We know that not all of you are on social media. If you aren’t, don’t worry, send an email instead. We are adding more templates too! Report back to contact@wall-of-us.org if you have better contact info/suggestions.